Monday, August 30, 2010

Long Awaited Tutorial for the 8 Greeting Card-Pack Gift Box

You will need:
*Score Pal
*Score tape - I use Sookwang and you can get this product at Archiver's.
*Cutting Board
*Tape runner
*Adhesive-backed Velcro

The First step is to make the proper measurements. I can't began to tell you how many times I had to redo this because I didn't write down the measurements.
Your paper needs to be cut to 12" x 10.5".
Place you paper 12" across and 10" down and with your Scor-Pal, you will score lines in at the 3" line and the 4" line and again at the 8.5" and 9" lines.
Turn your paper so that the 10.5" side is sitting across and the 12" is down. Score lines at 1" and 2" lines and again at the 8.5" and 9" lines.

Your paper should look like this!

Now, with your scissors cut through both lines as shown on the side that measures 3". Do that on both ends.
On the end that measures 2.5", you will only cut through one line. Cut each side so that it looks like the picture below.

Now that you have successfully cut everything to measure, you may start placing the score tape (Sookwang) in the places shown below. Put a piece of score tape on the tab that shows nothing as well so that it looks like the other side shown.

Before You stick the box together, you'll want to first decorate your box with a nice card stock. Any design of your desire. In this demonstration, I failed to stick on my paper before the box was permanently stuck shut. It wasn't hard to paste while in box form, but it is A LOT easier to do with it laying flat!
Next, fold over the sides of the box so that the sticky part of the tab matches up with each side looking like the photo below.

We're almost done!

Now that we have the gift box design, we can start to add embellishments.
I have found some great flower embellishments at Michaels and Archiver's. To see the brands better, you can click on the photo and when you are done looking, just click the back button to return to Doodle Expressions.

I Heart Glue Dots! I use all different sizes. They work great for buttons, flowers, pasting ribbon down... ANYTHING!

Center and stick!

Here we have VELCRO! LOVE this item too! You can get this item at most sewing stores. I happend to find mine at Walmart in the sewing department.

Take your velcro circle or square and stick one end to the middle of the lid on your box and then stick the opposite textured end to it so that they match up when you connect the lid to the main part of the box. Works every time!

And now you have your final product!

You can fit up to 8, 4.25" x 5.5" Handmade cards
in this decorative box. You will get a FREE handcrafted box similar to this one with each order placed with Doodle Expressions!

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