Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nikki Jean Photography

Whether you live in or out of the Fargo,ND/Moorhead,MN area, you should really check out Nikki Jean Photography. We had our little Doodler Bugs pictures taken by Nikki over Easter and they turned out so amazing~

I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with her and wouldn't waste a minute thinking about it! Thanks Nikki for all your creative talent and hard work.

You work wonderful with Toddlers!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

VERY challenging tri-fold card!!!

Please don't even ask me how I made this card. It's a real mess, but in pictures it looks cute. I have to master this card down and then I will mark the appropriate pricing. It took a long time to make, but once I have the pattern down, I should be able to make the card in just under an hour. "An Hour" you say, YES, most of the cards I make take me at least 45 minutes to complete, unless I am making a card with few layers and embellishments. I tell ya, card making is hard business.

A Pair of Cuteness!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

All of these cards have been made already by other people. I fell in love with the looks of them and was inspired to take some of them in my own direction.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fresh new Baby Card looks!

I love making cards and I like making baby cards even more. I don't get too many requests for baby cards so when I got this last order to create a few, I was in baby heaven.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gift Favors for any occasion ~

We made up batch of cute little May Day baskets for my daughter's classmates. We stuffed a little recyclable paper Easter grass in each and added a few pieces of delicious candy. They also make GREAT party favors for your guests at any party you're hosting.

They run $10 for a 5 pack. You can order as many as you want though~

Baby Shower Cupcake Tower Craft

This project was so much fun and the best part of it all, is that I got to work on with my mom Sharon. Sharon and I first found an inspiration and then give the final product a twist of Doodle Expressions. It turned out super cute and made the mom to be pretty happy! There was a lot that went into this tower. It was our first attempt to a cupcake tower so it was a little time consuming and very experimental but so worth all the obstacles we overcome! Let us know if you're interested in getting one made up for you.
Initially, we wanted to drape the words Welcome and Baby's name on the 2nd and 3rd tower. However, it would properly fit around the construction of the tower so we ended up using the letters as part of our gift wrap for the gift we gave the Mommy. It ended up working out perfect!

This is our Cuddle Bug machine. You can see the cute little scalloped squares we cut out for each letter. In the above photo you can see the almost end result of the letters that we created. We also added a smaller letter to go inside the larger letter giving it a more 3D appearance. It was very effective.
We made our own cupcake tins with our Cricut. We purchase our cartridge at Walmart, but you can buy them at most craft stores as well. They run about $39.99.
We then put together little lolly pop stands using some bug embellishments that we found at again Walmart. We could have made them ourselves, but we were running out of time and they were the perfect finish to our lolly pops. This is our end result. We were very happy to see it turn out so great! Write us a little comment if you will and let us know what you think!We would love to make this creation for your next Shower or Party!